Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to reality

Hello everyone, I'm back from holidays. This may be a little confusing since I clearly stated in my review and column last week that I was on holiday next week. Well, it's not that hard to figure out: I do my videos and columns a week in advance, so I was on holiday at the time last week's stuff was released. There still won't be a video or column next week because at the time I should have been working on them I was lying on a sunbed becoming more red and covered in flaking-off skin than a zombie's used tampon.

Anyway, here are links to last week's stuff. First there's Tuesday's Extra Punctuation, which was about the word 'gamer':

"The point I'm trying to reach is that playing games, as entertaining and fascinating and beneficial as it might be, is just something people do, not something they should be defined by. People don't call themselves moviegoers, or TV watchers, or book readers. That's the job of marketing agencies."

And secondly ZP itself, this week Transformers: War For Cybertron.

Also, you may not have noticed but the Escapist were running in my absence a little competition over which ZP video is the best, perhaps (on an educated guess) to decide what they're going to show instead of a brand new ZP next week. Here's a link to it, because you can still vote to have a chance to win a signed copy of Mogworld! Phew!

Later I may post a fuller account of my trip with some photos I took. If you're very good.


  1. voted blud, bare hopn dat i get tht sik bk cuz den i get it 4 free blud SIK 1 nice 2 ave u bak cuz

  2. I think you have a problem with your keyboard. Maybe you should fix that, Vestsao.

  3. No man I think this is irony. Shit be ferrous in this house.

  4. "Later I may post a fuller account of my trip with some photos I took. If you're very good."

    Fuck off, if I wanted to look at boring holiday pictures, I'd book a flight and take my own.

  5. Maybe Yahtzee's holiday pictures are somehow not boring. Like, maybe each one contains a naked Ernest Borgnine.

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  7. @Benadryl, I think the only difference between Yahtzee's vacation photos and any one else's (except for a mafia mob boss) is that he is probably wearing a funny yet stylish fedora in each and every one

  8. Let's compromise. A funny yet stylish fedora bearing the mesmerizing visage of a naked Ernest Borgnine.

  9. Thank you for apparently being the only reviewer on the internet to give this game a proper appraisal and Im saying this as someone who grew up watching the original Transformers cartoon and still loves it to this day.

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