Thursday, August 19, 2010


This week's ZP is Split Second: Velocity, published by Disney Interactive Studios. I'd say more but I kind of have to fly to Melbourne. Like, now.


  1. Get back here and put the stroke in the game title.

  2. "Split-stroke-Second?" I thought you lot said, "Split-oblique-Second" when confronted with a '/'.

  3. Hahahahaha "Zero/Punctuation".

  4. "Zero/Punctuation".

    Haha, classic.

  5. As little chance as I have of being paid attention to, I got to recommend this series to you Yahtzee, it is three things you like, indie, survival horror and (an anecdote, I admit) very atmospheric

  6. I've been watching these reviews for a long time now - in fact, I think I've seen nearly every one from the very first to this one. I genuinely enjoy your take on games and your style. Thanks for so much enjoyment!

    Can I just mention though - I reached the "fetus" joke in this episode and was shocked. I'm sorry, maybe I need to lighten up, but my stomach was turned. Did you really need to make this comment? I can only see it as a genuine joke in very bad taste.

    I'm not going to stop watching your reviews, but I was disgusted by that particular joke. I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining, but I did feel I should let you know. Thanks.

  7. Yahtzee, I let it go in your actual review of Alan Wake, but the fact that you keep bringing it up means, like the bee trapped in my underwear drawer, I can no longer ignore it.

    The Alan Wake recaps were not pointless. AW was trying to recreate the feel of a Stephen King TV miniseries. If you've ever watched one, or any other tv miniseries, you would know that each episode has a recap of the previous ones in the exact style that Alan Wake uses.

    So, unusually for a video game, AW was not treating its playerbase like forgetful braindead monkeys, but rather attempting to genuinely recreate the feel of a different type of experience with a video game, that of a TV miniseries.

    Additionally, if you have NOT seen any Stephen King tv miniseries I recommend Rose Red. Its the fucking best.

  8. ZP does something that others simply can't and that is to make these types of jokes. ZP makes these jokes to get a point acrossed! Yes, yes, the jokes are funny and at times dark but the only way to get a point acrossed is to either make it funny or appalling. This is a good man doing good things. I believe this man is the only person with the wit and guts to say what needs to be said. Gaming has gone to shit Yahtzee has the voice of reason to it all. I don't know about you but if someone doesn't say something as yahtzee does than expect shit games with high prices...

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I made a 3d model of your Zero Punctuation 'character' here is a render.

  11. Cher Ben "yahtzee" Croshaw

    Salut!! Je suis du french mais j'ai lived 4 ans a le Sydney. Beetwan le 86 and la 91.

    To be more precise, I'm a hybrid between Australian culture and European culture too(I know that the UK hates france and vice versa but FUCK'EM!!).

    I admire ton work. I think tu es very talented.
    I would like to thank you for promoting real and meaningful LANGUAGE and propper speech in these dark times of text jargon. And indeed, wee.

    Or even sheer common sense in the herd of consumers (think romero) that surrounds us.

    But above all, thank you for the black humour, sarcasm and mockery I need to endure everyday life.

    Tu m'as bien fais marrer, j'espere te payer un ricard un d'ses jours!!

    Cheerz mate (Im not gay)

  12. PS : Tu kiffes Carlin, Python et C.Morris?
    (Try Coluche, he's the only one in Fr)

  13. > I made a 3d model of your Zero Punctuation
    > 'character' [ ... ]

    Don't bother asking where this came from...

  14. yahztee, you rock so damn MUCH! your reviews are epic an i love you (in a non gay way) you rock,

    your no 1 fan

  15. How could Disney make a racing game?

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